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One of the most cited hypotheses explaining the inordinate success of a small proportion of introduced plants that become pests is the ‘natural enemies hypothesis’. This states that invasive introduced plants spread rapidly because they are liberated from their co-evolved natural enemies. This hypothesis had not been properly tested until recently. Previous(More)
Viruses are the most common biological entities in the marine environment. There has not been a global survey of these viruses, and consequently, it is not known what types of viruses are in Earth's oceans or how they are distributed. Metagenomic analyses of 184 viral assemblages collected over a decade and representing 68 sites in four major oceanic(More)
We establish that the open string star product in the zero momentum sector can be described as a continuous tensor product of mutually commuting two dimensional Moyal star products. Let the continuous variable κ ∈ [ 0, ∞) parametrize the eigenvalues of the Neumann matrices; then the noncommutativity parameter is given by θ(κ) = 2 tanh(πκ 4). For each κ, the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Abnormalities on diffusion-weighted images (DWIs) and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) images are reported in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). To our knowledge, no large study has been conducted to determine the sensitivity and specificity of DWI and FLAIR imaging for diagnosing CJD. METHODS Two neuroradiologists, blinded(More)
We consider string theory in a time dependent orbifold with a null singularity. The sin-gularity separates a contracting universe from an expanding universe, thus constituting a big crunch followed by a big bang. We quantize the theory both in light-cone gauge and covariantly. We also compute some tree and one loop amplitudes which exhibit interesting(More)
During the last several decades corals have been in decline and at least one-third of all coral species are now threatened with extinction. Coral disease has been a major contributor to this threat, but little is known about the responsible pathogens. To date most research has focused on bacterial and fungal diseases; however, viruses may also be important(More)
The coral holobiont is a dynamic assemblage of the coral animal, zooxanthellae, endolithic algae and fungi, Bacteria,Archaea and viruses. Zooxanthellae and some Bacteria form relatively stable and species-specific associations with corals. Other associations are less specific; coral-associated Archaea differ from those in the water column, but the same(More)
In recent work we showed that, for a class of conformal field theories (CFT) with Gauss-Bonnet gravity dual, the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio, eta/s, could violate the conjectured Kovtun-Starinets-Son viscosity bound, eta/s > or = 1/4 pi. In this Letter we argue, in the context of the same model, that tuning eta/s below (16/25)(1/4 pi) induces(More)
The species composition and metabolic potential of microbial and viral communities are predictable and stable for most ecosystems. This apparent stability contradicts theoretical models as well as the viral-microbial dynamics observed in simple ecosystems, both of which show Kill-the-Winner behavior causing cycling of the dominant taxa. Microbial and viral(More)
We continue and extend our earlier investigation " Strings in a Time-Dependent Orbifold " (hep-th/0204168). We formulate conditions for an orbifold to be amenable to perturba-tive string analysis and classify the low dimensional orbifolds satisfying these conditions. We analyze the tree and torus amplitudes of some of these orbifolds. The tree amplitudes(More)