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Numerous studies have shown that datacenter computers rarely operate at full utilization, leading to a number of proposals for creating servers that are <i>energy proportional</i> with respect to the computation that they are performing. In this paper, we show that as servers themselves become more energy proportional, the datacenter network can become a(More)
—This paper presents a new developed multisensory five-fingered dexterous robot hand : the DLR/HIT Hand II. The hand has an independent palm and five identical modular fingers, each finger has three DOFs and four joints. All the actuators and electronics are integrated in the finger body and the palm. By using powerful super flat brushless DC motors, tiny(More)
Automatic centromere identification and polarity assignment are two key factors in the automatic karyotyping of human chromosomes. A multi-stage rule-based computer scheme has been investigated to automatically detect centomeres and determine polarities for both abnormal and normal metaphase chromosomes. The scheme first implements a modified thinning(More)
Using human action to guide robot execution can greatly reduce the planning complexity. We calibrate a human hand model and map its motion to a four-finger dexterous robot hand. The parameters of human hand model are determined by open-loop kinematic calibration method based a vision system. We analyze the kinematic difference between the human hand and(More)
| this paper outlines the 2nd generation of multisensory hand design at DLR. The results of the use of DLR's Hand I were analyzed and enabled-in addition to the big eeorts made in grasping technology to design the next generation of dextrous robot hands. An open skeleton structure for better maintenance with semi shell housings and the new automatically(More)
In computer vision, image datasets used for classification are naturally associated with multiple labels and comprised of multiple views, because each image may contain several objects (e.g., pedestrian, bicycle, and tree) and is properly characterized by multiple visual features (e.g., color, texture, and shape). Currently, available tools ignore either(More)
Bilateral supply contracts are widely used despite the presence of spot markets. In this paper, we provide a potential explanation for this prevalence of supply contracts even when spot markets are liquid and without delivery lag. Specifically, we consider the determination of an equilibrium forward contract on a nonstorable commodity between two firms that(More)