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Gram-negative bacteria utilize specialized machinery to translocate drugs and protein toxins across the inner and outer membranes, consisting of a tripartite complex composed of an inner membrane secondary or primary active transporter (IMP), a periplasmic membrane fusion protein, and an outer membrane channel. We have investigated the assembly and function(More)
We present new parallel algorithms for 3D reconstruction of objects from 2D projections and their application for the determination of the structure of macromolecules from electron micrographs. A multi-resolution orientation determination algorithm uses a parallel search to determine thèbest t' of a given image with images in a reference database. The 3D(More)
In this study, a multilayer feedforward, back-propagation Artificial Neural Network is implemented to identify the classification patterns of the scoliotic spinal deformity. At first step the simplified three-dimensional spine model is constructed from coronal and sagittal x-ray images. The features of the central axis curve of the spinal deformity patterns(More)
The increasing number of whole genomic sequences of microorganisms has led to the complexity of genome-wide annotation and gene sequence comparison among multiple microorganisms. To address this problem, we have developed nWayComp software that compares DNA and protein sequences of phylogenetically-related microorganisms. This package integrates a series of(More)