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The phylogeny of the Orthoptera (Insecta) as deduced from mitogenomic gene sequences
The findings suggest that the best phylogenetic inferences can be made when moderately divergent nucleotide data from mitogenomes are analyzed, and that the NADH dataset was suited for studying orthopteran phylogenetic relationships at different taxonomic levels.
Comparative Mitogenomic Analyses of Praying Mantises (Dictyoptera, Mantodea): Origin and Evolution of Unusual Intergenic Gaps
Evidence suggests that special intergenic gaps have been introduced in some species through gene rearrangement and duplication and the phylogenetic relationships of fifteen Mantodea species using 37 concatenated mitochondrial genes and detected several synapomorphies unique to species in some clades are analysed.
Comparative Mitogenomic Analysis of Species Representing Six Subfamilies in the Family Tenebrionidae
Preliminary phylogenetic analyses using mitogenomic data strongly support the relationships among six subfamilies: ((Tenebrionidae incertae sedis + (Diaperinae + Tnebrioninae)) + (Pimeliinee + Lagriinae)), which is consistent with phylogenetic results based on morphological traits.
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Gomphocerus sibiricus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) and Comparative Analysis in Four Gomphocerinae Mitogenomes
This paper focused on the comparative analyses of mitogenomes from four Gomphocerinae taxa to find characteristics of nucleotide composition and overlapping and non-coding regions, and compared variable sites in the structure of 22 tRNAs and two rRNAs, and differences in some common conserved elements of A+T rich regions.
First mitochondrial genome of the superfamily Choreutoidea and its phylogenetic implications
The nearly complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of Choreutis emplecta is sequenced, the first representative from Choreutoidea, and was demonstrated to be an early-diverging lineage of Apoditrysia.
Mitochondrial genomes of three Tetrigoidea species and phylogeny of Tetrigoidea
A phylogenomic analysis was conducted based on the concatenated data sets from mitogenome sequences of 24 species of Orthoptera in the superorders Caelifera and Ensifera, and maximum likelihood and bayesian inference analyses strongly supported Acridoidea and Tetrigoidesa as forming monophyletic groups.
Characterization of the whole chloroplast genome of Caragana microphylla Lam (Fabaceae)
The phylogenetic analysis suggested that C.microphylla is closely related to the genera of Astragalus, and the whole cp genome is relatively short because it lacks an inverted repeat (IR) region.
The genus Flatocerus Liang and Zheng (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) with description of a new species from China
The species of Flatocerus Liang and Zheng occurring in China are listed. A new species, namely, Flatocerus nigrifemura sp. nov., is described, and a key to the species provided. Voucher specimens and
A taxonomic study of the genus Coptotettix Bolívar, 1887 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae: Tetriginae) from China with description of a new species
An annotated list of 27 species of the genus Coptotettix Bolívar, 1887 distributed in China is given. Coptotettix emeiensis sp. nov. is described from Sichuan Province, China. A key to the Chinese