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This paper presents a novel segmentation algorithm for offline cursive handwriting recognition. An over-segmentation algorithm is introduced to dissect the words from handwritten text based on the pixel density between upper and lower baselines. Each segment from the over-segmentation is passed to a multiple expert-based validation process. First expert(More)
The heritability of some individual depressive symptoms has been well established. However, the causal genes related to individual depressive symptoms and genetic effects on the courses of individual depressive symptoms are still unclear. We examined these issues in 241 Korean patients who met the DSM-IV-TR criteria for major depression. Patients entered a(More)
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are becoming the dominant form of molecular marker for genetic and genomic analysis. The advances in second generation DNA sequencing provide opportunities to identify very large numbers of SNPs in a range of species. However, SNP identification remains a challenge for large and polyploid genomes due to their size and(More)
A novel Over-Segmentation and Neural Binary Validation (OSNBV) is presented in this paper. OSNBV is a character segmentation strategy for off-line cursive handwriting recognition. Unlike the approaches in the literature, OSNBV is a prioritized segmentation approach. Initially, OSNBV over-segments a handwritten word into primitives. Neural binary validation(More)
OBJECTIVE Renal insufficiency may increase the risk of hypoglycemia in hospitalized patients with diabetes who are treated with insulin. We randomized inpatients with type 2 diabetes and chronic renal failure to treatment with two different dose levels of insulin glargine and glulisine and studied control of hyperglycemia and the frequency of hypoglycemia.(More)
The paper presents a segmentation based adaptive approach for the learning and recognition of single person's handwritten text. The approach is incorporated into an automated intelligent system for scanning of handwritten text on a paper and converting it into a text file. It scans an A4 size handwritten page and segments it into lines, words and(More)
  • Yu Lu, Hong Lee
  • 2008
Blog is increasingly becoming an important source of information. Blog community is a kind of a group of bloggers with the same interest and common topics on the Internet. To use blog resources effectively, one important way is to identify blog communities and their members in order to refine the blog circle. In this paper, we first define the blog(More)