Hong Le

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Vehicle license plate (VLP) recognition is an interesting problem that has attracted many computer vision research groups. One of the most important and difficult task of this problem is VLP detecting. It is not only used in VLP recognition systems but also useful to many traffic management systems. Our method is used for the VLP recognition system that(More)
  • Frodl, T Skokauskas, N Frey, Em, Morris D, Gill M +116 others
  • 2014
genotype interacts with childhood adversity and influences the formation of hippocampal subfields. Expression of glucocorticoid inducible genes is associated with reductions in cornu ammonis and dentate gyrus volumes in patients with major depressive disorder. The miR-137 schizophrenia susceptibility variant rs1625579 does not predict variability in brain(More)
Modèles de décision pour la sélection d'interface et l'association flux/interface pour les terminaux mobiles multi-interfaces Présentée par To my wife, for her true love and continuous encouragements in my life. To my father and mother who have been constant sources of love, concern, support and strength all these years and for sacrificing whole life to my(More)
The Population Council conducts research worldwide to improve policies, programs, and products in three areas: HIV and AIDS; poverty, gender, and youth; and reproductive health. Page Box 1.1 Program 135: Continuity and Change 4 Box 3.1 How are poor communes and poor households identified? 32 Box 4.1 Ethnic minority boarding schools 40 Box 4.2 Multilingual(More)
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