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Human malaria is still a burden in Dak Nong and Binh Phuoc Provinces in south-central Vietnam that border Cambodia. Several Anopheles species that transmit human malarial Plasmodium may also transmit Wuchereria bancrofti, the nematode that causes Bancroftian lymphatic filariasis. The objective of this study was to investigate the role of Anopheles species(More)
This paper is interested in shape representation and recognition with a particular target to technical and line-drawing symbols. Specifically, two sorts of directional and spatial features are explored to construct a new descriptor for symbol matching and recognition. These features are rotation-, translation- and scale-invariant and can be extracted with a(More)
A novel deconvolution algorithm for restoring blurred image is introduced. The proposed algorithm can behave two multi-scale frameworks to restore the fuzzy blurred image. One multi-scale framework is used to optimize whole process containing kernel estimation and deconvolution by incorporating an average difference criterion for evaluating the restored(More)
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