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Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were synthesized by a green method using a plant secondary metabolite, gallotannin. Gallotannin was used as a reducing and capping agent to convert gold ions into AuNPs for the generation of gallotannin-capped AuNPs (GT-AuNPs). This synthetic route is ecofriendly and eliminates the use of toxic chemical reducing agents. The(More)
From the images of HR-TEM, FE-SEM, and AFM, the cold welding of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on a mica substrate is observed. The cold-welded gold nanoparticles of 25 nm diameters are found on the mica substrate in AFM measurement whereas the size of cold welding is limited to 10 nm for nanowires and 2~3 nm for nanofilms. Contrary to the nanowires requiring(More)
Keywords: Fluid–solid interaction (FSI) Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian (ALE) NURBS Displacement-loaded system Adjoint shape sensitivity Shape optimization a b s t r a c t A coupled variational equation for fluid–solid interaction (FSI) problems is derived using a steady state Navier–Stokes equation for incompressible flows, an equilibrium equation for(More)
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