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The calcium dependent antibiotic (CDA) is a nonribosomal lipopeptide produced by Streptomyces coelicolor. We constructed a metabolic network of more than 400 reactions for the primary and secondary metabolism of S. coelicolor and used computational metabolic flux balancing to investigate some of the factors affecting growth and production of CDA.(More)
In this paper, we propose Responsive Multimedia System (RMS) for a virtual storytelling. It consists of three key components; Multi-modal Tangible User Interface (MTUI), a Unified Context-aware Application Model for Virtual Environments (vr-UCAM), and Virtual Environment Manager (VEManager). MTUI allows users to interact with virtual environments (VE)(More)
The Niagara2 System-on-Chip is SUN Microsystem's latest processor in the Eco-sensitive CoolThreads line of multi-threaded servers. This DFT survey of the Niagara2 chip introduces the RAWWCas memory test, a Hybrid Flop Design and a fast efficient bitmapping architecture called DMO. It also showcases some excellent DFT results for this challenging system on(More)
Background The Calcium Dependent Antibiotic (CDA) from S. coelicolor is a non-ribosomally synthesised lipopeptide which consists of 11 amino acids to which a lipid part has been attached [1]. Although the mode of action for CDA is not yet known, antibiotics with similar structure like daptomycin or friulimicin inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis.(More)