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Objectives: L-carnitine has been used as therapy in hemodialysis patients for many years. When HCV was present, higher rates of patient mortality displayed. However, no study is concerned with the synergistic effect of L-carnitine and HCV. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of L-carnitine on the markers of DNA damage and oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Adipokines are a set of cytokines secreted by white adipose tissue that have been suggested to be involved in the development of cardiovascular diseases. We aimed to evaluate the cross-sectional associations of a panel of representative adipokines with cardiovascular measures in a cohort of hemodialysis patients. METHODS We measured plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data suggest that there is a pathogenic role for CXC ligand 16 (CXCL16) in cardiovascular diseases. Little is known about circulating CXCL16 in patients with kidney dysfunction. We explored the relationships of plasma CXCL16 with cardiac injury markers in a group of dialysis patients. METHODS Plasma CXCL16 and C-reactive protein (CRP)(More)
OBJECTIVE Ambulatory arterial stiffness index (AASI) is a parameter derived from ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) readings. It is calculated as 1 minus the linear slope of DBP on SBP. We tested its value in assessing arterial stiffness in dialysis patients. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional analysis of the baseline data from a cohort study. A total of(More)
Previous studies suggested that the reactive hyperemia index (RHI) is a promising cardiovascular risk predictor. We aimed to evaluate clinical determinants of RHI and its association with circulating endothelial injury and cardiac markers in hemodialysis patients. Among 368 patients recruited, RHI was evaluated by peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT) on a(More)
Phototherapy with 311-nm narrowband-UVB (NBUVB) is an effective adjuvant treatment modality for atopic dermatitis (AD). In this study, we evaluated the therapeutic effect of the newly developed gain-switched 311-nm Ti:Sapphire laser device using a NC/Nga mouse AD model. A total number of 50 mice were used in this study. Atopic dermatitis (AD) was induced in(More)
Masked uncontrolled hypertension (MUCH) has been proven to be associated with increased cardiovascular risk in the general population. We performed the current analysis to determine its prevalence in dialysis patients and its association with pulse wave velocity (PWV). From 368 participants of another cohort study, we selected 145 subjects with controlled(More)
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