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Synchronization attack is one of the key issues of digital audio watermarking. In this correspondence, a blind digital audio watermarking scheme against synchronization attack using adaptive quantization is proposed. The features of the proposed scheme are as follows: 1) a kind of more steady synchronization code and a new embedded strategy are adopted to(More)
The online shortest path problem aims at computing the shortest path based on live traffic circumstances. This is very important in modern car navigation systems as it helps drivers to make sensible decisions. To our best knowledge, there is no efficient system/solution that can offer affordable costs at both client and server sides for online shortest path(More)
Digital audio watermarking embeds inaudible information into digital audio data for the purposes of copyright protection, ownership verification, convert communication, and/or auxiliary data carrying. In this paper, we present a novel watermarking scheme to embed a meaningful gray image into digital audio by quantizing the wavelet coefficients (using(More)
This paper presents a new semi-fragile watermarking algorithm for audio authentication, which takes full advantage of scrambing algorithm. Watermark scrambling algorithm can dispel the pixel space relationship of the binary watermark image. After scrambing, the white pixels and black ones of original watermark image are comparatively orderliness, which is(More)
According to the sensitivity of initial value in the traditional GMM-based clustering algorithm, this paper proposes the improved GMM-based clustering algorithm which utilizes subtractive clustering to initialize the cluster centroids and uses an approximating K-L divergence as the distance measure. After clustering the universal background model(UBM) is(More)
Exotic options are popular financial derivatives that play essential roles in financial markets. How to price them efficiently and accurately is very important both in theory and practice. The lattice model is usually used to price them. The prices computed by the lattice converge to the theoretical value under the continuous-time model. But the lattice(More)
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