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An increasing number of studies have examined the development of walking in preterm infants; however, the results concerning those who had no major neonatal disease were inconclusive. This study was therefore aimed to examine the age of onset, the quality of early walking movement, and the sensitivity to resonant period of the force-driven harmonic(More)
BACKGROUND Muscular tightness is a common clinical musculoskeletal disorder and is regarded as a predisposing factor for muscle injuries. In this study, a two-way mixed design ANOVA was applied to investigate the effects of the gastrocnemius tightness on the joint angle and joint work during walking. METHODS Twenty-two patients with muscular tightness of(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the training effects of interlimb force coupling training on paretic upper extremity outcomes in patients with chronic stroke and analyzed the relationship between motor recovery of the paretic hand, arm and functional performances on paretic upper limb. DESIGN A randomized controlled trial with outcome assessment at baseline and(More)
BACKGROUND Removable plug insoles appear to be beneficial for patients with diabetic neuropathic feet to offload local plantar pressure. However, quantitative evidence of pressure reduction by means of plug removal is limited. The value of additional insole accessories, such as arch additions, has not been tested. The purpose of this study was to evaluate(More)
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