Hong Gyu Kang

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A glucocorticoid-inducible transcription system was employed to control the expression of AtEBP, an Arabidopsis transcription factor. A number of the transgenic AtEBP lines had developmental and growth defects when grown on dexamethasone (DEX), a strong synthetic glucocorticoid. However, these growth defects were not confined to the AtEBP lines but were(More)
Dof proteins are unique to plants and contain a single zinc finger DNA-binding domain called the Dof domain. OBP1, an Arabidopsis Dof protein, was previously isolated through an interaction with OBF4, an ocs element-binding protein. Two additional Dof proteins, called OBP2 and OBP3, were isolated through homologous screening. All three OBP proteins contain(More)
We have screened a total of 5,500 T-DNA tagging rice lines in which beta-glucuronidase (GUS) gene sequence was randomly inserted as a transgene into the plant genome. Histochemical GUS assays were carried out to select the T-DNA tagging rice lines that show its expression in anther. Of the tagging lines screened, three lines were found to express GUS(More)
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