Hong Gul Han

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Contrary to conventional continuous-wave communication technologies, Impulse-radio Ultra-Wideband (IR-UWB) allows to have various functionalities such as communication, localization and radar by using a short pulse [1-4]. Also the short pulse occupies an extremely small period of time of the entire transmission period, so it is possible to consider a(More)
A CMOS common-gate low noise amplifier (LNA) with dual cross coupled capacitive feedback is proposed. The first feedback loop is designed for transcoductance (g<sub>m</sub>) boosting which is widely known as the cross-coupled common gate (CCCG) topology. The other feedback loop is voltage-current feedback by cross-coupling between the drain node and the(More)
This paper presents an impulse-radio ultrawideband (IR-UWB) receiver design for precise wireless ranging using a newly proposed direct sampling with timeextension (DTE) method. To overcome the problems encountered in high-speed sampling for impulse signals, the DTE method, which exploits the characteristics of an impulse, is proposed. The proposed method(More)
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