Hong-Fu Wang

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Our study surveyed age-related bone mineral density (BMD), bone loss rate, and prevalence of osteoporosis in women at multiple research centers in China. Survey results were used to establish a BMD reference database for the diagnosis of osteoporosis in Chinese women nationwide. We used dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry bone densitometers to measure BMD at(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the benchmark dose for osteoporosis caused by cadmium exposure in a Chinese general population with an epidemiological study. METHODS The inhabitants living in both cadmium polluted and non-polluted areas served as the exposure group and the control group. Urinary cadmium (UCd) and Blood cadmium (BCd) were used as exposure biomarkers(More)
An approach is presented for converting a two-atom singlet state into a three-atom singlet state based on the quantum Zeno dynamics induced by continuous coupling. The scheme can be achieved within one step through appropriately regulating the Rabi frequencies of the classical fields. The effects of decoherence such as atomic spontaneous emission and the(More)
BACKGROUND Increased bone marrow lipid deposition in steroid-associated osteonecrosis (ON) implies that abnormalities in fat metabolism play an important role in ON development. The increase in lipid deposition might be explained by elevated adipogenesis of marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). However, it remains unclear whether there is a close(More)
Photons can carry orbital angular momentum (OAM), which offers a practical realization of a high-dimensional quantum information carrier. In this paper, by employing OAM of a single photon, we propose an experimental scheme to implement one-dimensional two-state quantum random walks on an infinite line. Furthermore, we show that the scheme can be used to(More)
We propose a scheme for the creation of robust entanglement between a movable mirror and atomic ensemble at the macroscopic level in coupled optomechanical system. We numerically simulate the degree of entanglement of the bipartite macroscopic entanglement and show that it depends on the coupling strength between the cavities and is robust with respect to(More)
We study the physical properties of double-cavity optomechanical system in which the mechanical resonator interacts with one of the coupled cavities and another cavity is used as an auxiliary cavity. The model can be expected to achieve the strong optomechanical coupling strength and overcome the optomechanical cavity decay, simultaneously. Through the(More)
To date, all schemes for entanglement distribution needed to send entangled particles or a separable mediating particle among distant participants. Here, we propose a counterfactual protocol for entanglement distribution against the traditional forms, that is, two distant particles can be entangled with no physical particles travel between the two remote(More)
Teleportation of unitary operations can be viewed as a quantum remote control. The remote realization of robust multiqubit logic gates among distant long-lived qubit registers is a key challenge for quantum computation and quantum information processing. Here we propose a simple and deterministic scheme for teleportation of a Toffoli gate among three(More)
We propose effective fusion schemes for stationary electronic W state and flying photonic W state, respectively, by using the quantum-dot-microcavity coupled system. The present schemes can fuse a n-qubit W state and a m-qubit W state to a (m + n - 1)-qubit W state, that is, these schemes can be used to not only create large W state with small ones, but(More)