Hong-Fen Zheng

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A characteristic feature of the copper oxide high-temperature superconductors is the dichotomy between the electronic excitations along the nodal (diagonal) and antinodal (parallel to the Cu-O bonds) directions in momentum space, generally assumed to be linked to the 'd-wave' symmetry of the superconducting state. Angle-resolved photoemission measurements(More)
What happens to ferromagnetism at the surfaces and interfaces of manganites? With the competition between charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom, it is not surprising that the surface behaviour may be profoundly different to that of the bulk. Using a powerful combination of two surface probes, tunnelling and polarized x-ray interactions, this paper(More)
A half-metal is a material with conductive electrons of one spin orientation. This type of substance has been extensively searched for due to the fascinating physics as well as the potential applications for spintronics. Ferromagnetic manganites are considered to be good candidates, though there is no conclusive evidence for this notion. Here we show that(More)
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