Hong Fei Liu

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Dispersion compensation is demonstrated experimentally by pulse compression with the use of chirped optical fiber Bragg gratings. The gratings chirp is self-induced by the Gaussian intensity profile of the 240-nm wavelength beam used for holographic sidewriting of the grating. Chirped pulses generated by a 1.55-microm gain-switched distributed-feedback(More)
A train of nearly transform-limited pulses are generated from a 1.55-microm distributed-feedback laser diode by using gain switching in a novel technique, which is a combination of a spectral window and temporal compression. By amplifying these pulses with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, we demonstrate soliton transmission in a conventional single-mode fiber.
The effect of third-order dispersion on soliton-effect pulse compression is investigated. We show that third-order dispersion causes severe degradation in dispersion-shifted fibers in the compression of high-order soliton pulses. As much as an 80% reduction is found in the optimum compression ratio of 15th-order solitons of 1-ps width. We also show that(More)
ZnO thin films have been grown by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering on c-plane sapphire substrates with III-V (i.e., GaAs and InAs) intermediate layers. The intermediate layers were grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Structural and optical properties were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman scatterings. The growth orientations of the(More)
To explore the phylogenetic relationship, genome donor, and evolutionary history of the polyploid mustard (Brassica juncea) from China, eighty-one sequences of the chalcone synthase gene (Chs) were analyzed in 43 individuals, including 34 B. juncea, 2 B. rapa, 1 B. nigra, 2 B. oleracea, 1 B. napus, 1 B. carinata, and 2 Raphanus sativus. A maximum likelihood(More)
Because of their local adaptation and economic factors that limit the adoption of commercial hybrids, farmer-saved maize landraces are still grown over a considerable area concentrated in southwest China. To evaluate the potential of using maize landraces, the germplasm characteristics of 96 landraces from southwest China were evaluated at phenotypic,(More)
A self-seeded gain-switched semiconductor laser is applied as a fundamental optical source to second-harmonic generation, and improvement of frequency-conversion efficiency is demonstrated. 345-nm ultraviolet light of 0.12-muW average power is generated in a bulk LiIO(3) crystal for 690-nm fundamental light of 10.5-mW average power, which is composed of(More)
The release and transfer of GaN epilayers to other substrates is of interest for a variety of applications, including heterogeneous integration of silicon logic devices, III–V power devices and optical devices. We have developed a simple wet chemical etching method to release high-quality epitaxial III-nitride films from their substrates. This method builds(More)
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