Hong-Chi Shih

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In this paper, an algorithm based on ladder diffusion and ACO [5,6] is proposed to solve the power consumption and transmission routing problems in wireless sensor networks. The proposed ladder diffusion algorithm is employed to route paths for data relay and transmission in wireless sensor networks, reducing both power consumption and processing time to(More)
In this paper, a Reduce Identical Composite Event Transmission (RICET) algorithm is proposed to solve the problem of detecting composite events in wireless sensor networks. The RICET algorithm extends the traditional data aggregation algorithm to detect composite events, and this algorithm can eliminate redundant transmission and save power consumption,(More)
The attack detection and information security for computer network become popular topics for many researchers in recent years. In this paper, the PCAICA method for attack and intrusion detection is proposed. According to the experimental result, the proposed method performs higher correct ratio on recognition than the PCA.
Power consumption is one of the most important problems for wireless sensor networks because of the battery limitation in each sensor. This paper presents an ant colony optimization- (ACO-) based routing algorithm to reduce power consumption. First, a grade table is built and referred to generate several possible routing paths. Then, the ACO explores these(More)
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