Hong Cao

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Previously, we reported that apoptosis of cerebellar granular neurons induced by low-K+ and serum-free (LK-S) was associated with an increase in the A-type K+ channel current (I(A)), and an elevated expression of main alpha-subunit of the I(A) channel, which is known as Kv4.2 and Kv4.3. Here, we show, as assessed by quantitative RT-PCR and whole-cell(More)
The expression levels of miR-365 vary in different malignancies. Herein, we found that miR-365 was overexpressed in both cells and clinical specimens of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). We demonstrated that the HaCaT(pre-miR-365-2) cell line, which overexpressed miR-365, could induce subcutaneous tumors in vivo. Antagomir-365, an anti-miR-365(More)
Methane-rich water triggered adventitious rooting by regulating heme oxygenase1/carbon monoxide and calcium pathways in cucumber explants. Heme oxygenase1/carbon monoxide (HO1/CO) and calcium (Ca2+) were reported as the downstream signals in auxin-induced cucumber adventitious root (AR) formation. Here, we observed that application of methane-rich water(More)
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