Hong Bong Kim

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— In mobile cellular networks, limiting handover dropping probability within a prespecified target value is a very important quality of service issue because mobile hosts should be able to maintain ongoing sessions even during their handover from one cell to another. In this paper we propose and evaluate a simple distributed adaptive bandwidth reservation(More)
— Wireless networks using radio over fiber (RoF) technology operating in millimeter-wave bands have been suggested as promising solutions to meet increasing user bandwidth and mobility demands. A system based on this technology has properties quite different from those of conventional WLAN systems in that every room in a building hosts at least one picocell(More)
Since 2007, the Telescope Array (TA) experiment, based in Utah, USA, has been observing ultra high energy cosmic rays to understand their origins. The experiment involves a surface detector (SD) array and three fluores-cence detector (FD) stations. FD stations, installed surrounding the SD array, measure the air fluorescence light emitted from extensive air(More)
We measure the spectrum of cosmic rays with energies greater than 10 18.2 eV with the Fluorescence Detectors (FDs) and the Surface Detectors (SDs) of the Telescope Array Experiment using the data taken in our first 2.3-year observation A hybrid air shower reconstruction technique is employed to improve accuracies in determination of arrival directions and(More)
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