Hong-Bae Park

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AIwlr~tmThe problem of finding a unit in/-/~, i.e. an function the inverse of which is also/-/~, which interpolates to given points in the right-half plane has important applications in a number of feedback stabilization problems, i.e. strong stabilization and simultaneous stabilization. An algorithm for computing such interpolating units is presented which(More)
Abstract: This paper describes the synthesis of robust and non-fragile Hstate feedback controllers for linear varying systems with time delay and affine parameter uncertainties, as well as static state feedback controller with structural uncertainty. The sufficient condition of controller existence, the design method of robust and non-fragile Hstatic state(More)
Issues associated with the integration of p-type band-edge (5.0~5.2 eV) effective work function (EWF) electrodes are identified and discussed. The Fermi-level (E<sub>f</sub>) pinning effect traditionally used to explain the lowering of p-MOS EWF is believed not to be an intrinsic limitation. However, a new described as the "flatband (V<sub>fb</sub>,)(More)
In this paper, a new photodetector using a PMOSFET-type photodetector with a transfer gate has been designed and fabricated using a 0.35 mum standard CMOS technology. The photodetector is composed of a floating gate that is tied to an n-well and a transfer gate. The transfer gate controls the photocurrent flow by controlling the barrier for holes in the(More)
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