Hong-Bae Jun

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This paper focuses on lot release control and scheduling problems in a semiconductor wafer fab producing multiple products that have different due dates and different process flows. For lot release control, it is necessary to determine the type of a wafer lot and the time to release wafers into the wafer fab, while it is necessary to determine sequences of(More)
There are lots of activities in the product lifecycle, which are grouped into three main phases: beginning of life (BOL), middle of life (MOL), and end of life (EOL). Thanks to recent emerging technologies, information flows of whole product lifecycle can be visible and controllable. The PLM under this environment allows all actors of the whole product(More)
This paper considers a tool provisioning problem in a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) with an automatic tool transporter. The problem considered here is that of determining the number of copies of each tool type for a limited budget with the objective of minimizing makespan. This problem should be solved to decide the (additional) purchase of required(More)
A timely introduction of a new product has become invaluable to the firm since the competitors are capable of introducing new or similar products once the driving technology becomes available. In order to generate a high profit from a new product, managers in other departments, such as marketing and production, have to plan ahead of time so that a seamless(More)
In the case of a high-valuable asset, the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase requires heavy charges and more efforts than the installation (construction) phase, because it has long usage life and any accident of an asset during this period causes catastrophic damage to an industry. Recently, with the advent of emerging Information Communication(More)