Hong An Jack Huang

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Acoustic tracking with propagation delay is a challenging problem due to the following reasons: 1) It is difficult to perform an accurate state prediction, as the time interval between the current state and the previous state is varying and unknown due to the propagation delay; 2) The target time (signal emission time) needs to be estimated in addition to(More)
In this paper, the problem of tracking convoys using Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) radar systems is investigated. Some relevant techniques are reviewed. An approach to exploit group information, road map, and Doppler blindness information in convoy tracking is proposed. Simulated measurement data are used to evaluate the performance against a(More)
The interacting multiple model for out-of-sequence measurements with acoustic and electro-optic (EO) fusion bearings-only tracker (IMMOOSM-AE-BOT) has been developed recently to track maneuvering targets from delayed acoustic sensor measurements and non-delayed EO sensor measurements on the same single platform. In this paper, we extend the IMMOOSM-AE-BOT(More)
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