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Acoustic analysis of a rectangular cavity with general impedance boundary conditions.
A Fourier series method is proposed for the acoustic analysis of a rectangular cavity with impedance boundary conditions arbitrarily specified on any of the walls. The sound pressure is expressed asExpand
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Sema3E is required for migration of cranial neural crest cells in zebrafish: Implications for the pathogenesis of CHARGE syndrome
CHARGE syndrome is a congenital disorder with multiple malformations in the craniofacial structures, and cardiovascular and genital systems, which are mainly affected by neural crest defects causedExpand
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Exploration of age-related mitochondrial dysfunction and the anti-aging effects of resveratrol in zebrafish retina
It is currently believed that aging is closely linked with mitochondrial dysfunction, and that resveratrol exhibits anti-aging and neuroprotective effects by improving mitochondrial function, evenExpand
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Vibro-acoustic analysis of a rectangular cavity bounded by a flexible panel with elastically restrained edges.
A coupled system consisting of an acoustic cavity and an elastic panel is a classical problem in structural acoustics and is typically analyzed using modal approaches based on in vacuo structuralExpand
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Chd7 Is Critical for Early T-Cell Development and Thymus Organogenesis in Zebrafish.
Coloboma, heart defect, atresia choanae, retarded growth and development, genital hypoplasia, ear anomalies/deafness (CHARGE) syndrome is a congenital disorder affecting multiple organs and mainlyExpand
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Effect of Resveratrol on Sirtuins, OPA1, and Fis1 Expression in Adult Zebrafish Retina.
  • W. Sheng, Ye Lu, +7 authors X. Zhang
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  • Investigative ophthalmology & visual science
  • 4 September 2018
Purpose We determined whether sirtuins (SIRT1-SIRT7) are expressed in the zebrafish retina, evaluated the modulatory effect of resveratrol in the normal retina, and examined N-Methyl-D-aspartic acidExpand
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CRMP2 and CRMP4 Are Differentially Required for Axon Guidance and Growth in Zebrafish Retinal Neurons
Axons are directed to their correct targets by guidance cues during neurodevelopment. Many axon guidance cues have been discovered; however, much less known is about how the growth cones transduceExpand
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A non-synonymous polymorphism in purinergic P2X7 receptor gene confers reduced susceptibility to essential hypertension in Chinese postmenopausal women
Department of Physiology, JiangXi Medical College of Nanchang University, Nanchang, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China; Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Autonomic Nervous Function and Disease, Nanchang,Expand
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Mutant Ahi1 Affects Retinal Axon Projection in Zebrafish via Toxic Gain of Function
Joubert syndrome (JBTS) is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder associated with cerebellum and brainstem malformation and can be caused by mutations in the Abelson helper integration site-1Expand
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The Joubert Syndrome Gene arl13b is Critical for Early Cerebellar Development in Zebrafish
Joubert syndrome is characterized by unique malformation of the cerebellar vermis. More than thirty Joubert syndrome genes have been identified, including ARL13B. However, its role in cerebellarExpand