Hon-Wai Chu

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| An important parameter in ATM-based network design and management is the cell loss ratio (CLR) in ATM multiplexers. It is a key parameter to many vital functions in the network such as call admission control, bandwidth allocation, etc. However, the CLR depends usually on many unknown and unpredictable traac parameters such as input traac correlations. In(More)
Conserving energy consumption in the Internet has attracted much attention in recent years. During the non-peak time in daily network operations, it is possible to put a subset of routers to sleep mode for energy conservation purposes without network performance deterioration. This paper proposes a practical green traffic engineering scheme called Greedy(More)
Minimizing power consumption in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is becoming a hot topic. In computer networks, traffic measurements have indicated that the network utilization may become very low (less than 10%) during non-peak hours, which provides the opportunity to power off some routers and links in a network to conserve(More)
We consider a Virtual Path (VP) based ATM network supporting multiple traffic classes with heterogeneous traffic characteristics. Using simple FIFO scheduling policy at the ATM multiplexer, we assume that all traffic require identical end-to-end quality of service (QoS) requirement. The concept of effective bandwidth is used to determine the required(More)
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