Hon Nin Cheung

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| Constrained Via Minimization is the problem of reassigning wire segments of a VLSI routing so that the number of vias is minimized. In this paper, a new approach is proposed for two-layer VLSI routing. This approach is able to handle any t ypes of routing, and allows arbitrary number of wire segments split at a via candidate.
This paper presents an approach for optimal routing of distribution network including sitting of substation. The problem of distribution system planning (DSP) is a large scale, very complex and difficult to define problem. This paper presents the application of an efficient Genetic Algorithm (GA) for the optimal design of large distribution system, solving(More)
The SPIHT algorithm is a popular algorithm using wavelet techniques for image compression. In this paper, we present modifications to the algorithm by: 1) sending additional information to the decoder about the largest magnitudes in the frequency subbands; and 2) modifying selected coefficients in the high frequency subbands. The proposed modifications give(More)
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