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Pipelined computer architecture has received considerable attention since the 1960s when the need for faster and more cost-effective systems became critical. The merit of pipelining is that it can help to match the speeds of various subsystems without duplicating the cost of the entire system involved. As technology evolves, faster and cheaper LSI circuits(More)
Scheduling task trees to be executed in parallel and/or pipelined processing systems are examined under individual situations. Processor structural requirements at task nodes are also included in the model of consideration. While simple techniques can serve as heuristics, counterexamples are constructed in some crucial cases. Simple optimal algorithms are(More)
Program Slicing is a well-known decomposition technique that transforms a large program into a smaller one that contains only statements relevant to the computation of a selected function. In this paper, we present a novel predicate-based dynamic slicing algorithm for message passing programs. Unlike the more traditional slicing criteria that focus only on(More)