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This paper presents technical requirements of on-channel repeaters (OCRs) to broadcast the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) signals in single frequency network (SFN) environment. In order to meet such requirements, the configuration and implementation method of the equalization OCR are proposed. The proposed equalization OCR does not have(More)
Digital On-Channel Repeater (DOCR) can be used for Single Frequency Networks (SFN’s). It is much simple and low cost compared to Distributed Transmitter which needs Studio to Transmitter Link (STL). However, traditional DOCR has one of those defects such as a power limit, a long time system processing delay or a poor output signal quality. In order to(More)
This paper presents a guideline for designing an Equalization Digital On-Channel Repeater (EDOCR) and proposes an efficient method to implement it. The major concerns in the design of an EDOCR are shortening the system delay, maintaining synchronization between a main transmitter and an EDOCR, obtaining high signal to noise ratio (SNR) output, and enabling(More)
This paper presents novel modulation and pre-equalization methods to minimize a signal processing time delay in the Equalization Digital On-Channel Repeater (EDOCR) for the ATSC terrestrial digital TV system. The proposed modulation method uses Equi-Ripple (ER) filter for Vestigial Side Bands (VSB) pulse shaping instead of conventional Square Root Raised(More)
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