Homero Felipe Bianchi

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In this study, the authors present the results of the investigation of arteries that replace digital collaterals of the radial side of the hand when the superficial palmar arch (SPA) does not develop completely. The replacement occurs with the first interosseous dorsal and the first interosseous palmar arteries. The former takes place through the middle(More)
Double innervation of the brachialis muscle has been previously reported in anatomical studies. This study aims to investigate the frequency and clinical significance of double innervation of brachialis by anatomical and electromyographic techniques. (1) The existence, origin and pattern of distribution of a branch from the radial nerve to brachialis were(More)
The present work deals with a study of the supraduodenal a. in 30 specimens. It was present in 28 cases: when absent it was substituted by the right gastric a. Its origin is discussed, the most frequent being the gastroduodenal a., with 2 cases in the pericholedochal plexus. Distribution to the distal two thirds of the upper portion of the duodenum was(More)
The findings in a study of the general circulation of the suprarenal glands in 25 cases, and particularly of the left glands in 50 cases, are presented. The vessels arose from three pedicles: superior, middle and inferior. The inferior pedicle was the most irregular, with a frequent contribution from the gonadal artery to the inferior part of the gland;(More)
This is a study of the origin of the palmar collateral arteries of the thumb and radial side of the index finger. The different patterns of the main trunk, the first palmar interosseous artery, in the commissure are discussed, together with the relations of its branches with those of the superficial palmar arch and its relations with the accessory fasciculi(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, distal nerve transfers have become a valid tool for nerve reconstruction. Though grafts remain the gold standard for proximal median nerve injuries, a new distal transfer of flexor carpi ulnaris branches of the ulnar nerve to selectively restore anterior interosseous nerve function, concomitant with median nerve graft repair,(More)
The aim of this work is to present a room-temperature plastination technique developed in our laboratories and its results. This technique emphasizes the use of silicones, catalysts, and generic hardeners, and some variations of the traditional technique resulted in low cost and high-speed implementation. Two hands, a heart, and a brain were dissected from(More)
Today, alternatives methods are developed for the use of laboratory animals for teaching, research and surgical training. In our work we present a novel alternative to the use of rats, by developing a technique of plastination at room temperature. High-quality rat preparations from the anatomical dissection point of view were obtained, in order to(More)
L'a. supraduodénale a été retrouvée dans 93,3 % des cas étudiés; elle apparaît unique 25 fois, double 2 fois et triple 1 fois. Son origine est variable et, par ordre de fréquence, se fait à partir de l'a. gastroduodénale, l'a. hépatique propre, l'a. hépatique gauche, l'a. hépatique droite, l'a. cystique, l'a. gastrique droite, et le plexus péricholédocien.(More)
BACKGROUND The proper palmar digital arteries arises infrequently from dorsal metacarpal arteries. This work reports the second dorsal metacarpal artery unusual ending and a vascular variation related to the superficial palmar arch. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fresh human upper limbs routine dissection, from a male cadaver, injected with colored elastomeric(More)