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Franz Kafka Today
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Cymbeline and the "Blameless Hero"
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Shakespeare at the "Old Globe" San Diego
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No Exit for a Dead Body: What to do with a Scripted Corpse?
Macbeth kills young Seyward on the field of battle, and Shakespeare gives us no stage direction telling us when or how to dispose of the body (5.7.11). If he has left us suggestions of any kind, theyExpand
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The Rediscovery of Henry VI
F OUR LIVES AS PROFESSIONAL SHAKESPEAREANS possess, however imperfectly, the meaning implied by our existence in thousands of classrooms, theatres, books, articles, journals, conferences, andExpand
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In Our Time: Such Audiences We Wish Him
THE MOST CHALLENGING PEDAGOGICAL DISCIPLINE OF OUR TIME arises directly and exclusively from the nature of drama (not literature), is as inclusive and various as drama itself, and like drama is moreExpand
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Menas and the Editors: A Folio Script Unscripted
I N THE FOLIO SCRIPT OF ANTHONIE, AND CLEOPATRA, the brief sixth scene (designated Act II, scene i by later editors) begins with this direction: "Enter Pompey, Menecrates, and Menas, in warlikeExpand
Shakespearean Gold In the Oregon Hills
T HE 42-YEAR-OLD EXPERIMENT-or miracle-called the Oregon Shakespearean Festival is the longest theatrical investigation of Shakespeare's plays ever conducted by a single theatre organizationExpand