Homayoun Seraji

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This paper presents a new strategy for behavior-based navigation of field mobile robots on challenging terrain, using a fuzzy logic approach and a novel measure of terrain traversability. A key feature of the proposed approach is real-time assessment of terrain characteristics and incorporation of this information in the robot navigation strategy. Three(More)
This paper presents a novel tiered sensor fusion methodology for real-time terrain safety assessment. A combination of active and passive sensors, specifically, radar, lidar, and camera, operate in three tiers according to their inherent ranges of operation. Low-level terrain features (e.g. slope, roughness) and high-level terrain features (e.g. hills,(More)
Graphics simulation and real-time implementation of configuration control schemes for a redundant 7-DOF Robotics Research arm are described. The arm kinematics and motion control schemes are described briefly. This is then followed by a description of a graphics simulation environment for 7-DOF arm control on the Silicon Graphics IRIS Workstation. Computer(More)
This paper presents new position-based force and compliance control schemes for robot manipulators using nonlinear and adaptive controllers. The proposed controllers are simple and can easily be implemented in the outer feedback loop that encloses the inner Cartesian position control system supplied by the robot manufacturer. In the position-based force(More)