Homayoun Nikookar

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IoT in industry is a rapidly developing area. Numerous IoT research and<lb>application projects have been done by universities or in joint industry-<lb>university consortia in recent years. However an important question to be<lb>further addressed is on value creation by IoT industry applications. IoT appli-<lb>cations in the sense of this paper are(More)
A novel random phase updating algorithm for the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction of the OFDM signal is addressed. The phase of each subcarrier is updated by a random increment until the PAPR goes below a certain threshold level. The influence of different distributions for the phase increments and the variance of distributions on the mean and(More)
In this letter, an overview of reported measurements and modeling of the ultra wide band (UWB) indoor wireless channel is presented. An introduction to UWB technology and UWB channels is provided. Different UWB channel sounding techniques are discussed and approaches for the modeling of the UWB channel are reviewed. The available indoor UWB channel(More)
Small-scale and large-scale variations of signal amplitude for wideband data collected at two office buildings have been investigated. The data base includes 12000 impulse response estimates which were obtained by inverse Fourier transforming of the channel's frequency response profiles. Extensive curve fitting for the distribution of individual multipath(More)