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With standardised semantic representations of construction objects able to be transferred between major CAD systems, and other design tools, there is an expectation, supported by compliance testing, that semantically consistent data will flow across the project team. This assumption is questioned due to the known difficulties in mapping consistently and(More)
The Java Standard API has grown enormously since Java's beginnings, now consisting of over 3,000 classes and 20,000 methods. The intent of this API is to provide high quality components that can be easily reused and so increase the Java developer's productivity - but does it? In this paper, we present a study that begins to answer this question.(More)
The basic idea behind software reuse is that software developers use reusable components found in software repositories to reduce the amount of code that has to be written and so increase productivity. A problem arises, however, if the repository is too big - it becomes difficult to find relevant components. What is needed is an effective means to query(More)
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