Homa Bahrami

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The advised treatment for severe adenomyosis is hysterectomy, but for patients wishing to preserve their uterus, novel conservative surgery, adenomyomectomy, can be performed. The technique needs to be developed to reduce spontaneous uterine rupture, adhesion and recurrence rates. This study aimed to investigate the safety and therapeutic outcomes of(More)
BACKGROUND Hysterectomy is the most common surgical procedure in gynecology, not only in cases of malignancies but also in many benign cases. Many uterine preservation techniques have been introduced as alternatives to hysterectomy. OBJECTIVE We aimed to propose a new uterine surgical procedure. In this paper, we compare the utility of this new technique(More)
In Super-Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises: A Toolkit for Dynamic Adaptation (Springer, 2010), authors and educators, Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans present a crossfunctional general management toolkit for strategizing, organizing, leading, and ultimately reinventing knowledge enterprises. Part I of this interview is focused on the theory behind, and the(More)
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