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Of 15 consecutive patients with secondary impotence 7 (46 per cent) had varied degrees of abnormal nocturnal penile tumescence and 1 or more of the following sleep-associated events: frequent apnea and hypoventilation, myoclonus and a slow but remarkably stable heart rate even during episodes of respiratory impairment. All nocturnal penile tumescence(More)
A continent, catheterizable, physiologically responsive urinary sphincter servomechanism can be created from a short segment of ileum for use in a continent urinary diversion. Because it is easily constructed and provides dynamic continence control, this new sphincter appears to have applications in reconstructive urologic surgery.
PURPOSE During metabolic stone therapy, urine supersaturation decreases in proportion to pretreatment levels. We gauge the quantitative contribution of regression to the mean for reducing urine supersaturation from high pretreatment to lower values during therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS The 24-hour urine supersaturations for calcium oxalate, calcium(More)
Preoperative computed tomography (CT) was utilized to evaluate 20 patients with primary transitional cell carcinoma of the upper urinary tracts. Of the 20 patients, 18 (90%) had CT visualization of the tumor as either a discrete mass or local ureteral and/or renal pelvic wall thickening; 2 (10%) had false-negative examinations. Seven of the 20 patients(More)
In recent years urinary diversion by means of the colon conduit has gained popularity because of the failure to exhibit reflux and the lower incidence of stomal stenosis. However, colon conduit diversion may be associated with adenocarcinoma, as is ureterosigmoidostomy. We report the first occurrence of adenocarcinoma in a colon conduit and, perhaps more(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate prostate cancer detection and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) among men with benign prostatic hyperplasia treated with finasteride. METHODS Three thousand forty men 45 to 78 years of age with PSA less than 10 ng/mL and no history of prostate cancer were randomized in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to finasteride (n = 1524)(More)
Active-specific immunotherapy of human malignancy with a vaccine consisting of admixtures of modified tumor antigens and an adjuvant such as tuberculin has not been fully explored, despite preliminary reports of clinical success and conceptual support from animal studies. Three years ago, we designed a prospective study using aggregated soluble tumor(More)
We describe a new sphincter mechanism and its clinical application in 11 patients requiring continent diversion. The sphincter, composed of 2 short segments of ileum, is urodynamically responsive and actually increases its resistance to leakage when reservoir pressure or volume increases. Because of this dynamic continence control and its ease of(More)
A total of 711 patients with symptomatic upper and lower urinary tract calculi underwent extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ESWL) at the Ohio Kidney Stone Center during the first six months. At follow-up 84 percent of the first 180 patients are stone-free. Retreatment was required for 2.8 percent of the patients with residual stone material.(More)
Patients with HIV taking protease inhibitors were selected for the presence (five subjects) or absence (five subjects) of lipoatrophy. Following an overnight fast, subjects were given oral (2)H(2)O in divided doses (5 mL/kg body water), [U-(13)C(3)] propionate (10 mg/kg), and acetaminophen (1000 mg). Glucose (from plasma) or acetaminophen glucuronide (from(More)