Holly S Gilmer-Hill

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The authors present a rare case of oligodendrogliomatosis in a child, which they believe originated from a primary spinal cord tumor. At 2.5 years of age this boy developed poor balance, neck stiffness, and a regression in developmental milestones. A computerized tomography (CT) scan of the head initially revealed ventriculomegaly and multiple cystic(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Nerve sheath tumors arising from the cervical vagus nerve are extremely rare. These tumors most often present as asymptomatic, slowly enlarging, lateral neck masses and therefore often come initially to the attention of otolaryngologists and general surgeons. Because they are nerve tumors, however, neurosurgeons must be able to(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of women in Western society has changed dramatically in the past several decades. Despite this, many gender disparities still exist for professionals in the health care sector. In neurosurgery, a disproportionately small percentage of the workforce in the United States and Canada is female. These figures are lower than most reported in(More)
OBJECTIVE GAP-43 and p75 are proteins that promote growth cone and neurite formation, elongation, and arborization in regenerating nerve axons. The objectives of this study were to determine whether GAP-43 and the low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor p75 are elevated in traumatic neuromas and whether there is a correlation between the relative amount(More)
BACKGROUND Pain secondary to unresectable pancreatic cancer is frequently severe and extremely difficult to control with traditional methods of analgesia. This retrospective study reports the analgesic effects of intrathecal morphine sulfate by implanted infusion pumps in nine patients with unresectable adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. METHODS Nine(More)
OBJECT In this single-center study, the authors examined the clinical characteristics, risk factors, treatment strategies, and outcomes in patients with thrombosis associated with ventriculoatrial (VA) shunts. METHODS Inpatient and outpatient charts of patients who underwent treatment and follow-up in the Hematology-Oncology Division at the authors'(More)
OBJECT The aim of this study was to define the origin and management of lumbar shunt site swelling/cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak seen in children who underwent placement of a percutaneous lumbar shunt due to recurrent problems with a ventricular shunt. METHODS Fifty-seven children with a lumbar shunt were analyzed. Episodes of swelling along the lumbar(More)
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