Holly L White

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This study compared the leaf transcription profiles, physiological characteristics and primary metabolites of two Populus tremuloides genotypes (clones 216 and 271) known to differ in their responses to long-term elevated [CO2] (e[CO2]) at the Aspen free-air CO2 enrichment site near Rhinelander, WI, USA. The physiological responses of these clones were(More)
It is demonstrated that the isoelectric concentration of ThCl(4) is much greater for electroosmosis in small-pored membranes (cellophane, collodion) than for electrophoresis of particles of the same material. An explanation for the difference is advanced, based on the influence of the small pores in preventing complete development of the electrical double(More)
Regions of DNA containing promoter sequences from a Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola-specific phage (phi 11P) were identified by shotgun cloning into a broad-host-range promoter-probe vector (pQF70). When used in conjunction with the luciferase reporter genes, one of these DNA fragments, 19H, directed gene expression at a level which enabled the(More)
The isoelectric point of normal red cells cannot be measured but is certainly lower than that of any plasma protein. Red cells are easily damaged so that they will adsorb proteins from low concentrations. Normal red cells do not adsorb protein even from concentrated solutions, as is evidenced by the finding that the ratio of the mobility of the cells to(More)
A general method was developed for the simultaneous enzymatic assay of MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitors in plasma of pretreated animals. After extraction of the inhibitor from plasma into an appropriate volatile organic solvent, dried aliquots of the organic layer are incubated with a buffered rat brain MAO preparation and substrates, [3H]serotonin and(More)
The mechanisms by which electrokinetic factors might influence the filtration rate of aqueous electrolyte solutions through membranes are discussed. The filtration rate of a thorium chloride solution in which the membrane is isoelectric is compared with those of other solutions. The maximum filtration rate is found at the isoelectric concentration, the rate(More)
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