Holly Dressler

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Thy-1 is a cell surface glycoprotein of unknown function that is found on nerve cells and mature T-lymphocytes. To study the regulation of Thy-1 gene expression, mouse Thy-1.2 genomic sequences were joined to various marker sequences and the resulting chimeric constructs were used to produce nearly three dozen independent lines of transgenic mice. The(More)
The free fatty acid (FFA) receptor GPR40, expressed by pancreatic beta-cells, may be responsible for insulin release following beta(3) adrenoceptor (Adrb3) activation. To test this hypothesis, we first studied the effects of Adrb3 agonists SR58611A and CL316,243 in GPR40 knockout (GPR40(-/-)) mice. Both drugs increased blood FFA levels in wild-type(More)
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