Holly Barclay

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Pheromones have recently been suggested for use in insect pest control. We formulate a discrete version of a model with virgin females (or female equivalent of pheromone) in traps, and explore conditions under which this mechanism can eradicate the pest. Our model is density independent, thus when eradication is not possible, the pest increases without(More)
Oil palm expansion is a major driver of habitat loss in the tropics. Although a number of studies have evaluated the consequences for terrestrial biodiversity, the effects on wetland habitats and fauna are less well described. This study aims to determine the conservation value of flood-control drainage channels in oil palm smallholdings for waterbirds. We(More)
A continuous-time differential equation model was constructed which describes the population dynamics of a predator prey system in which sterile prey are released in a program designed to eradicate or reduce the prey population. It was found that the dynamics of the system behave quite differently when predators are present. Two conditions were found which(More)
Freshwaters provide valuable habitat and important ecosystem services but are threatened worldwide by habitat loss and degradation. In Southeast Asia, rainforest streams are particularly threatened by logging and conversion to oil palm, but we lack information on the impacts of this on freshwater environmental conditions, and the relative importance of(More)
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