Holly Arrow

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An experience sampling study tested the degree to which interactions with out-group members evoked negative affect and behavioural inhibition after controlling for level of friendship between partners. When friendship level was statistically controlled, neither White nor Black participants reported feeling more discomfort interacting with ethnic out-group(More)
This course has three interrelated goals: 1) acquaint you with theory and research on small groups, with an emphasis on recent work 2) improve your skills as participant in, observer of, and consultant to small groups 3) develop your ability to work collaboratively in producing and critiquing scientific writing To accomplish these goals, readings, lecture,(More)
An experience sampling study examined the degree to which feeling stereotyped predicts feelings of low power and inhibition among stigmatized and nonstigmatized individuals. For 7 days, participants with a concealable (gay and lesbian), a visible (African American), or no identifiable stigma recorded feelings of being stereotyped, of powerlessness, and of(More)
We examined how affective expectations and objective experience influenced female college students' (N = 69) evaluations of discussions o f safe-sex practices and willingness to engage in future discussions. Participants interacted with a confident male confederate (positive experience) or a nervous one (negative experience). Positive experiences produced(More)
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