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To elucidate the mechanism of action of the anticonvulsant gabapentin (GBP), we compared its effects on K+-evoked [3H]-noradrenaline ([3H]-NA) release from rat hippocampal and human neocortical slices with those of the KATP channel opener pinacidil and the Na+ channel blockers phenytoin, carbamazepine and lamotrigine. Rat hippocampal and human neocortical(More)
The pharmacological properties of the alpha(2)-adrenergic receptors regulating the release of norepinephrine were investigated in human neocortex. Slices were preincubated with [(3)H]norepinephrine, superfused under blockade of transmitter reuptake, and stimulated electrically. First, the autoinhibitory circuit of [(3)H]norepinephrine release was analyzed(More)
The Promise: This 100-level course has been designed for non-science majors fulfilling the science group-satisfying requirement. The course will use science journalist Mary Roach's book " Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex " as a scaffolding and beginning point for further exploration, as well as many other popular and scientific resources. This(More)
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