Holger Traczinski

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We will show how a variety of interval algorithms have found their use in the multibody modeling program MOBILE. This paper acquaints the reader with the key features of this open source software, describes how interval arithmetic help to implement new transmission elements, and reports on interval modeling of dynamics, which is an inherent part of(More)
In this note we discuss strategies that would enhance modern modeling and simulation software (MSS) with reliable routines using validated data types, controlled rounding, algorithmic differentiation and interval equation or initial value problem solver. Several target systems are highlighted. In stochastic traffic modeling, the computation of workload(More)
A development of complex mechatronic systems requires a multitude of decentralised designing and processing systems. The various software and file formats which are involved in the development process need a quick and smooth data exchange via standardised data models and interfaces. The ISO 10303 norm STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data)(More)
In this paper we present our research concerning an automatic exchange between standard geometrical descriptions of a simulation environment built with (non-)convex polyhedra and a STEPconforming data format. Furthermore, we discuss the geometric tolerances implementation in STEP in comparision to the standard interval arithmetic approach.
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