Holger Tebarth

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Recent psychological research demonstrates, that children with cognitive disorders can clearly benefit by special training of meta-memory strategies. Though up to now this kind of memory training requires a specialized coach who performs an individual motivational support. In the consequence we started to develop a tele-medical Training system that is(More)
Adaptive User Interfaces are an important success factor for the development of information and communication systems and, in particular, for those subsystems where interaction with end-users is critical, like therapeutical and training systems. Current adaptive interfaces are based upon user and device profiles. The social awareness as recognition and(More)
Training with Animated Pedagogical Agents is a promising new style of training especially fore children with disabilities. In this paper, we present the evaluation results of our training agent system called TAPA, which has a realistic moving body and body language features. TAPA is web based training system. TAPA allows children to access the training(More)
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