Holger Stadali

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—We propose and analyze two strategies to provide different levels of quality of service (QoS) to the DVB–SH standard. An extension of the interleaving scheme is investigated to support low latency service requirements for interactive services based on short messages. The first approach is a straightforward extension of the DVB–SH interleaver scheme based(More)
— The recently introduced Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite to Handheld standard (DVB-SH) allows for digital broadcasting service provision to small mobile terminals in satellite/terrestrial hybrid networks. In this paper, the key results from an in-depth DVB-SH performance assessment campaign lasting two years are reported. The performance results(More)
Herein, the results of the ESA co-funded research project named " ORTIGIA " are summarized. The scope of the project was to validate experimentally the techniques introduced by the DVB-SH working group to counteract fading in satellite and terrestrial environments. The experiments include measurements both on the field and in the laboratory.
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