Holger Schuetz

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Possible adverse health effects due to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cellular phones and base stations present a major public health issue across Europe. Because scientists cannot exclude that EMFs may cause health problems, the application of the precautionary principle is debated heavily. By considering precautionary measures, political decision(More)
One way to communicate about the risks of drugs is through the use of package inserts. The problems associated with this medium of informing patients have been investigated by several researchers who found that people require information about drugs they are using, including extensive risk information, and that they are willing to take this information into(More)
The increased skin cancer incidences are important public health problems. In spite of the strong promotion of the UV-index as essential UV risk education tool, only few studies have investigated peoples understanding of the UV-index. This paper is the first to present representative data on UV-index understanding in Germany. In 2007, a representative(More)
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Research investigating risk perception suggests that not only the quantitative parameters used in technical risk assessment (i.e., frequency and severity of harm) but also 'qualitative' aspects such as the dread a hazard provokes or its controllability influence risk judgments. It remains to be elucidated, however, which neural mechanism underlie risk(More)
Environmental medicine requires special communicative talents in order to inform about risks, to change risk-related behavior or to reassure people with excessive risk-related anxieties. We provide some guidance on how to accomplish these communication tasks. First, the results of psychological risk perception research are outlined, and the cognitive and(More)
BACKGROUND The suntanning industry has grown up over the last decade in Europe, mainly because tanned skin is considered socially desirable and attractive. Because of the potential negative impact of artificial tanning on public health, this study was to investigate tanning bed use behaviour, UV related risk perception and beliefs about tanning in the(More)
The transparent and fair characterization of scientific evidence for reporting the results of a hazard assessment is a demanding task. In this article, we present an approach for characterizing evidence--the evidence map approach. The theoretical starting point is to view evidence characterization as a form of argumentation. Thus, evidence maps are designed(More)
Ein Review der epidemiologischen Studien zu den Auswirkungen von HF EMF-Expositionen auf Tumorbildung und Leukämieerkrankungen bei Kindern sowie experimentellen Untersuchungen zu Effekten von HF EMF-Expositionen auf Kognition und ZNS bei Kindern, das die wissenschaftliche Literatur bis August 2010 umfasst, findet keine oder nur unzureichende(More)