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Customer attractiveness, supplier satisfaction and preferred customer status: introduction, definitions and an overarching framework
Industrial markets are frequently characterized by an oligopolistic market structure. As a result, suppliers may become highly selective with respect to decisions that involve collaborating withExpand
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The drivers of customer attractiveness, supplier satisfaction and preferred customer status: A literature review
In this paper, we focus on the preferential treatment of buyers by their suppliers. As there is a lack of detailed information regarding the reasons that suppliers serve some buyers better thanExpand
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Limits to global sourcing? Strategic consequences of dependency on international suppliers: Cluster theory, resource-based view and case studies
This paper argues for the inclusion of an analysis of industry clusters when making decisions about global or local sourcing. Suppliers are viewed as valuable resources that can contribute to aExpand
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Early Supplier Integration: The Dual Role of Purchasing in New Product Development
Interest in early supplier integration in new product development (NPD) has increased as an open innovation approach has become more common in firms. To support supplier integration, the purchasingExpand
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Supply-management maturity, cost savings and purchasing absorptive capacity: Testing the procurement–performance link
Abstract The relationship between the development level a purchasing organisation has reached—maturity—and its impact on the performance of a firm has received only limited attention until now. WeExpand
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How to distinguish innovative suppliers? Identifying innovative suppliers as new task for purchasing
For companies operating under unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, such as high wage/high tax countries in central Europe, innovation has become a central theme for survival. If there is one thingExpand
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Accessing Supplier Innovation By Being Their Preferred Customer
OVERVIEW: In the context of open innovation, firms increasingly rely on the collaboration of suppliers in their innovation processes. However, not all competent suppliers are willing to collaborateExpand
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Exploring the antecedents of preferential customer treatment by suppliers: a mixed methods approach
Purpose – This paper aims to understand the factors that influence a supplier’s choice to treat selected customers more preferentially than others. Suppliers often lack the resources to treat allExpand
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In this article, we study the antecedents of supplier innovativeness and supplier pricing. Based on an extensive literature review, we identify different types of antecedents: (1) 'technical'Expand
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Supplier satisfaction: Explanation and out-of-sample prediction
Many firms not only compete for customers, but increasingly compete for suppliers. Supplier satisfaction is a necessary condition for gaining and maintaining access to capable suppliers and theirExpand
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