Holger Schiele

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For companies operating under unfavourable macroeconomic conditions, such as high wage / high tax countries in central Europe, innovation has become a central theme to survive. If there is one thing that has changed in innovation management during the last decade, it is the growing reliance on external sources of technology. As a consequence, a new task for(More)
Industrial markets are frequently characterized by an oligopolistic market structure. As a result, suppliers may become highly selective with respect to decisions that involve collaborating with certain customers. Buying firms must therefore be more attractive than their rivals to obtain opportunities to collaborate with these selective suppliers. This(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o In the literature, considerable attention has been given to the role of supplying firms in the context of innovation. However, not every supplier is capable of contributing to a buyer's innovation performance. In addition, the willingness and commitment of suppliers to collaborate with buyers is not always apparent. Thus far, the(More)
Is it reasonable to speak of ‘the’ purchasing strategy, or do different hierarchical levels of analysis need to be distinguished? A fragmented research field and a diverse set of understandings (including misunderstandings) of the scope of strategy development at various levels of analysis make a thorough discussion among researchers and practitioners(More)
The purpose of this study is to explore the link between integration and global sourcing success in international operations and by doing so, to clarify the ambiguous picture that prevails in the existing literature. Specifically, this quantitative study aims at identifying the role of the buying companies’ internal and external integration with suppliers(More)
The selection of the entry mode in an international market is of key importance for the venture. A process-based perspective on entry mode selection can add to the International Business and International Entrepreneurship literature. Framing the international market entry as an entrepreneurial process, this paper analyzes the antecedents and consequences of(More)
In recent years, the theory revolving around the preferred customer status and the associated benefits has gained an increasing awareness. Holding a preferred customer status can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage due to a preferential treatment by the supplier. A preferred customer status can lead to numerous benefits for the customer, as for(More)
Recently, supplier satisfaction has gainedmore attention both in practice and in academic research. However, the knowledge accumulation process is still in an embryonic and explorative phase. Likewise, supplier satisfaction measuring in practice may still benefit from an impetus from academia to be more widely used. This paper aims at considerably expanding(More)
Purpose of the paper and literature addressed: The purpose of this research is to understand why early supplier integration in new product development repeatedly fails and how to select the right suppliers to avoid supplier obstructionism. We review the literature on early supplier integration. Research method: We conducted a consortial benchmarking study,(More)