Holger Schütz

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The authors are grateful to Christopher Engelmann and Robyn Wiesener for indispensable research assistance and secretarial support. Special thanks are due to PES officials, managers and other experts who kindly gave their time for interviews, responding to our questionnaire, or who provided background information, and to Ronald van Bekkum at the European(More)
The ongoing 1000 brains study (1000BRAINS) is an epidemiological and neuroscientific investigation of structural and functional variability in the human brain during aging. The two recruitment sources are the 10-year follow-up cohort of the German Heinz Nixdorf Recall (HNR) Study, and the HNR MultiGeneration Study cohort, which comprises spouses and(More)
Research investigating risk perception suggests that not only the quantitative parameters used in technical risk assessment (i.e., frequency and severity of harm) but also 'qualitative' aspects such as the dread a hazard provokes or its controllability influence risk judgments. It remains to be elucidated, however, which neural mechanism underlie risk(More)
Possible adverse health effects due to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cellular phones and base stations present a major public health issue across Europe. Because scientists cannot exclude that EMFs may cause health problems, the application of the precautionary principle is debated heavily. By considering precautionary measures, political decision(More)
The new " Customer Centre " model for German public employment offices leads to more systematic work procedures and increases the quality of services. However, the new organisational model will not be sufficient to transform the Federal Employment Agency (BA) into a modern service organisation. One problem is that the minimum optimal size of the " Customer(More)
BACKGROUND The suntanning industry has grown up over the last decade in Europe, mainly because tanned skin is considered socially desirable and attractive. Because of the potential negative impact of artificial tanning on public health, this study was to investigate tanning bed use behaviour, UV related risk perception and beliefs about tanning in the(More)
  • Holger Schütz, Stefan Speckesser, Günther Schmid, Zusammenfassung
  • 1999
Over the last few years, "benchmarking" advanced to a key word in organisational development and change management. Originally, benchmarking was a tool in business studies summarising the process of comparing your own with a similar organisational unit (mostly the competitor) in order to improve the competitive position. Benchmarking must be distinguished(More)
This paper provides a stocktaking of the controlling systems of Public Employment Services Switzerland which is used to reflect on the running reform efforts in the German PES. Controlling systems must permanently be corrected and adapted since they are never perfect and prone to failures. Successions of centralisation and decentralization in labour market(More)
  • Hugh Mosley, Holger Schütz, Günther Schmid, Mitarbeit Von, Kai-Uwe Müller, Stephan Manning +3 others
  • 2002
_______________________ *) Der Text ist eine Zusammenfassung des zweiten Zwischenberichts für das Projekt gleichen Namens, das von der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung gefördert wurde. Summary A DEA-based technical efficiency analysis shows strong differences in the