Holger Schöner

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The task of separating signals from experimentally measured linear mixtures is often complicated by the presence of noise sensor noise and statistical dependencies between the original sources, which often makes standard independent component analysis (ICA) algorithms fail [1, 2]. One way to overcome these problems is to introduce additional knowledge we(More)
A relatively new technique for measuring the 3D structure of visual scenes is provided by time of flight (TOF) cameras. Reflections of modulated light waves are recorded by a parallel pixel array structure. The time series at each pixel of the resulting image stream is used to estimate travelling time and thus range information. This measuring technique(More)
Refactoring is the process of changing the structure of a program without changing its behaviour. Refactoring has so far only really been deployed effectively for sequential programs. However, with the increased availability of multicore (and, soon, manycore) systems, refac-toring can play an important role in helping both expert and non-expert parallel(More)
Synopsis Data analysis today is an area of high relevance to science and everyday predictions, with applications like stock exchange rate analysis, bioinformatics, natural language processing, or customer relationship management. The importance increases to the same extent as the collected data sets grow. Out of this wide area, three topics are picked in(More)
Modern multicore systems offer huge computing potential. Exploiting large parallel systems is still a very challenging task, however, especially as many software developers still use overly-sequential programming models. refactoring tool support that allows the programmer to introduce and tune parallelism in an easy and effective way, exploiting high-level(More)
Time-of-flight (TOF) full-field range cameras use a correlative imaging technique to generate three-dimensional measurements of theenvironment. Though reliable andcheap theyhave thedisadvantageof highmeasurement noiseanderrors that limit the practical useof these cameras in industrial applications. We show how some of these limitations can be overcome with(More)