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Among all noninvasive techniques, high-resolution ultrasonography used alone has rarely been used for the diagnosis of thrombosis in the calf. Nineteen patients with suspected AVT were examined with ultrasonography and phlebography during 4 months. For each patient, a sonogram and a phlebogram were taken within less than 24 hours and interpreted(More)
In patients with blunt chest trauma, early diagnosis of mediastinal hematoma is important, because it could be associated with thoracic vessel injury. Mediastinal hematoma is generally evoked because of a widened mediastinum on chest radiograph, but radiologic diagnosis may lead to excessive angiography being performed. Transesophageal echocardiography(More)
An algorithm reminiscent of euclidean-gcd for computing a function related to pinwheel scheduling. Algorithmica, (to appear). [51] L. Rosier. A note on Presburger arithmetic with array segments, permutation and equality. [26] R. Howell and L. Rosier. Completeness results for reachability, containment , and equivalence with respect to con BLOCKINict-free(More)
Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) are used for a wide variety of applications. Earlier WPANs, like Bluetooth, offer data rates only for low rate communication. Nowadays, consumer electronic devices have high demands on communication systems, e.g. for high definition video transmission. Users expect future WPANs to act like wired systems by means of(More)