Holger Reckter

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Being one of the earliest electronic instruments the basic principles of the Theremin have often been used to design new musical interfaces. We present the structured design and evaluation of a set of 3D interfaces for a virtual Theremin, the VRemin. The variants differ in the size of the interaction space, the interface complexity, and the applied IO(More)
The Theremin (including its variants) is the world’s unique instrument that is played without being touched. We present the evolution of a 3D interface for a virtual Theremin, the VRemin. Based on a music synthesizer application we built a number of different 3D interfaces that allow for a contact-free play of the virtual music instrument based on gestures.(More)
Resonate was a musical installation created with the purpose of interactivity and collaboration. This paper will focus on the design-process and the di↵erent steps involved. It will also describe and discuss the methods to create, synchronize and combine the aspects of space, object, music and interaction for the development of resonate. The realized(More)
This paper describes a generative music composition application on a mobile phone. Music generation is a well-suited application domain for multi-touch and reality based interaction. Thus, we choose to implement our concept on Apple's iPhone/iPod touch. Based on selected harmonic scales the user creates a musical expression by controlling a number of(More)
The goal of the Turtlesurf project described in this tech-note is to design, implement and evaluate a multimodal installation that should provide a good user experience in a virtual 3D world. For this purpose we combine audio-visual media forms and different types of haptic/tactile feedback. For the latter, we focus on the application of vibrational(More)
Whilst previous research examined the behaviour of humans instructed to destroy robots, this paper is concerned with the question <i>"Are humans tempted to destroy robots?"</i> For this purpose, an interactive installation was created, consisting of the robot <i>DESU 100</i> and a button on a pedestal. The visitors of this installation were faced with the(More)
In this paper we describe work in progress on generative music generation on multi-touch devices. Our goal is to create a musical application framework for multiple casual users that use state of the art multitouch devices. We choose the metaphor of ants moving on a hexagonal grid to interact with a pitch pattern. The set of devices used includes a custom(More)