Holger Nahrstaedt

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INTRODUCTION Developing an automated diagnostic and therapeutic instrument for treating swallowing disorders requires procedures able to reliably detect and evaluate a swallow. We tested a two-stage detection procedure based on a combined electromyography/bioimpedance (EMBI) measurement system. EMBI is able to detect swallows and distinguish them from(More)
A neuroprosthetic device for treating swallowing disorders requires an implantable measurement system capable to analysing the timing and quality of the swallowing process in real time. A combined EMG bioimpedance (EMBI) measurement system was developed and is evaluated here. The study was planned and performed as a case-control study. The studies were(More)
At the Institute for Process Control and Robotics reactive grasping skills are developed to enhance the Multi-fingered SCHUNK Dextrous Hand 2 (SDH2) in order to fulfill industrial needs. Therefore, RTAI Linux and Matlab-Simulink RTW are used as application development system (RTAI, 2010),(Mathworks, 2010). The exchange of data between the Multi-fingered(More)
This contribution describes the design of linear Iterative Learning Control (ILC) in the time-domain for the automatic adaptation of a drop-foot neuroprosthesis for stroke patients. Ineffective dorsi flexion during gait swing phase is compensated by controlled stimulation of the M. tibials anterior. The ankle-joint measurement is based on a new method in(More)
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